Sunday, December 11, 2016

Holiday Gala

Right after Logan's birthday party ended - my Dad came to pick the boys up and swoop them away, so that Jon and I could pack and get ready for a night out on the town, at his company's holiday party!

I always have trouble figuring out how to do my hair for these events, so I tried a new mobile service, where you can set up an appointment with a hair and/or makeup stylist to come to you!  They met me at our hotel room - I showed them my dress and some ideas I had for styling and then went to it!  I look a little tired in these first couple of pictures, but I think they did a great job with both makeup and hair.  I got a ton of compliments at the party as well  :)

Jon took a "selfie" of his suit and posted it to Facebook, so I had to do the same with my dress too (the lighting in our room was horrible!).  We look like a pretty cute couple, don't you think?

Ryan and I posing in front of a huge vault door (sadly you can't see most of it).  The party was at the San Francisco Mint - and all the rooms had different types of foods, drinks, or activities (like a photo booth or karaoke)!  Pretty neat.  :)

I tried taking a number of selfies of the two of us at the end of the night, but after multiple attempts, gave up on Jon never smiling in one, so I posted a collage of his horribleness.  ;-)  Luckily, Ryan was great at capturing a nice one of us both smiling.  :)

We had a really fun time hanging out with friends, both during the party last night and then again for brunch today!  What a special treat to get dressed up and spend some adult time hanging out without the kids tugging on our arms the whole time.  :)

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