Thursday, December 22, 2016

For the ULTIMATE lazy person??

As if having outlets in my eaves with a switch in the house, solely to make the installation and turning on/off of my Christmas lights easier (and cleaner looking), wasn't lazy enough.....

I decided to change the "normal" on/off switch out, for a timer switch instead.

Mwahahhahahhahaa!! 😈

My Dad stopped by yesterday to help me with the wiring (good thing he did - I sloppily electrocuted myself!! ⚡️😁) and today, I got the programming all set up!! Now my lights are switching on and off at my predefined times! Woot!!

I guess it's just the little things that make me happy. 😊

(Ignore my labels, which I had put on previously so I'd know which way to switch the eave outlets. Now I can remove those because of this fancy schmancy LED screen which tells me when they're on or off! Technology!) 👍🏼

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