Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Almost there!

Our Hour 24 level was 9.56, which I thought was terrific compared to last time (last time it was 23.37!).

Because the number is below 20, they don't increase fluids or take additional blood until Hour 48. But I thought man, if Hour 24 was so much better than last time, let's take an Hour 42 draw just in case!!

So, I talked our team into it and they ok'd it (I didn't think they would but just another example of why it never hurts to ask).

Our Hour 42 level, unfortunately, wasn't quite low enough. It was 0.4. And if you'll recall, we need to be less than 0.2 to get discharged. Bummer!

So we waited for Hour 48 (4pm), and when the results finally came in this evening, it was a stinkin' 0.21!

Argh!! So close!!

His creatinine level also increased slightly, so they've increased his fluids and want to keep him another night to make extra sure everything flushes out. Our next draw will be at 5am (while he and I are hopefully sleeping), so that the results will be ready in plenty of time for morning rounds.

We've spent some time playing trains in the playroom, painting (in the pic here he's drawing a monster for Logan), and filling out his Beads of Courage necklace with all the beads I've been collecting over the past few weeks for him. As you can see, his necklace is doubled up and already completely full! Time for another strand (we still have a few beads left that wouldn't fit). :)

I also got to sneak out for a few hours and meet up with my co-workers for lunch, while Jon hung out with Callum. I kept debating about whether I should go since it was time consuming and out of the way - especially when dealing with the hospital this week. But I'm glad I went. It was SO NICE to see my team and catch up with everyone! We're planning to do it again in a few more weeks, which will be nice.

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