Monday, May 5, 2014

Software changes

Of course today was "go live" day for the hospital's software changes. And it was clear every staff member was totally lost. Which meant our 30 minute appointment to breeze in for chemo and out again, lasted FOUR hours! Crazy.

I had lots of snacks with me but nothing resonated for Callum. Instead he asked if we could go down to the cafeteria (again) for a hot dog once we were done. Well, I learned my lesson last time! Heck no man.

So, I made the nurses watch Callum for a few minutes (they weren't crazy about that but I was in no mood to care), while I ran downstairs and grabbed him a hot dog.

And now we are chillin', watching TV while he scarfs down his food and gets a little sugar back in his blood. What a muuuuuch better plan. ;-)

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Elizabeth said...

I had dinner last night with a friend who is a doctor there and she told me that everyone was at their wits end with the new software yesterday. I was dying to know who did their change management because that wouldn't have happened under my watch!