Saturday, May 17, 2014

Callumism of last night

Last night all Callum wanted to do was tackle me and then get showered with tickles until he couldn't breathe. The way he asked, however, was pretty funny.

"Mommy, when you're done with your dinner, can I sit on your face and you tickle me?"


Callum started a little cough and runny nose earlier this week and unfortunately, I think I've now caught it. :( He's doing pretty well, other than the cough (which, if it gets worse, the drs may delay his LP procedure on Monday, so we'll be playing things by ear).

I, on the other hand, have been hit pretty hard with the cold - it started late Thursday evening and got worse through the day yesterday. So, I'm taking advantage of the weekend where Jon can help out, and trying to lay low and rest as much as possible. The last thing we want is for me (or Callum) to be miserably sick while in the hospital next week. :/

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