Friday, May 9, 2014

False Alarm

I got another call from the same mom yesterday evening, who called about the chicken pox diagnosis.  Apparently the diagnosis from earlier this week was with the pediatrician on-call, but when their regular pediatrician heard about it, she thought something wasn't quite right and asked to bring him.

After examining him, she decided it was NOT a case of the chicken pox, but probably insect bites instead (if you've been vaccinated and get chicken pox, apparently the rash actually looks more like insect bites than the sores we - who've been through it as a kid - all know well).

Anyway, what great news!!

Although,... I have to admit, I'm still nervous and paranoid.  Who's to say this doctor isn't right either?!?  :(

But, I think it's just a lesson for me that this is one more thing to adjust to.  There will always be something that Logan (or Callum) is exposed to at school (or elsewhere).  We can't protect them from everything - which I've always known but given our new circumstances, I sure wish I could!  Thankfully, we have some really great friends who are all well aware of our situation and would warn us immediately if anything were to come up.  It's all we can ask for.


Callum and I have been hanging in there this week and keeping things pretty low keyed.  He has been feeling a little off this week - nauseous and clingy and slightly moody.  I suspect the moodiness is due to the steroids we had to start him back on this week (but, we're almost done!  this cycle was only for 7 days and then we get another break before we hit him with another cycle of steroids).

His nausea got the better of him last night and he actually woke up puking in bed.  :(  We were just going to bed ourselves so we got to him pretty quickly and comforted him while he threw up all of yesterday's food (which, by the way, is mostly hot dogs this time around).  Once his stomach finally settled down, he cuddled up between us in our bed for the rest of the night.

I thought for sure after throwing up his hot dog dinner, he'd be off hot dogs all day today, but he's doing a great job at proving me wrong, requesting hot dogs for breakfast, lunch and most likely, dinner tonight, I'm sure.  ;-)

Jon and I both slept lightly most of the night, jolting up at any little cough or gag.  And then wouldn't you know it, sometime just after dawn, Logan yelled for us from his bed - he had had an accident.  Ugh!  :(  One of the first in forever - I don't even know how long it's been.  He must've drank a gallon of water before bedtime since I don't know what else would've caused it.

The nice thing about being home though, is that I basically have all day to launder clothes, linens and clean/dry out his mattress.  ;-)

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