Monday, July 25, 2016


Amazingly, and in record time, we were discharged today! 🙌🏼

We lucked out with a pretty lenient doctor on rounds this week, who could tell Callum was feeling much better, and who knew I'd keep a close eye on him and bring him back quick if he got any worse. He also really liked the idea that we only live 10 minutes from the hospital - that seemed to be a big factor in him allowing us to go home. 😊

So, we are now back home and settling in. Yay!! Callum is still neutropenic (his counts actually only increased a smidge today), but I'm looking forward to us all sleeping in our own beds tonight. ✌🏼️

(The last two pics were taken this morning, as we waited to get discharged. He has been begging the nurses all weekend to bring him some wooden toys to paint - I explained the guys who have all the toys and art don't work on the weekends and would be able to bring him something on Monday morning. So, first thing this morning, he asked to see our Child Life Specialist (Nick), so that he could have a few toys to paint.... It was nice seeing him excited about something other than his iPad for a change!) 😊

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Prayers work. Continued for total improvement