Thursday, July 14, 2016

Last Chemo IV Push

Callum finished his last Chemo IV push today.  WOW!!  He's been doing so much better - yesterday he started to turn the corner and today he even felt well enough to attend summer camp.  So, when Dr. Lacayo came to check in with us, we decided yeah, it was ok to proceed with his last vincristine.  We're just going to cross our fingers and toes we don't have another week of torture (but we very well may).  :/

What an amazing milestone to log under his belt!!  We are all so very proud of how far Callum has come.  We will still continue his home chemotherapy for two more months, but we're definitely on the home stretch now!! Woohoo!

Above was my favorite pic of the two rascals - after a very trying afternoon (Callum was dealing with emotional "hangriness", demanding I march down to the cafeteria for a hot dog at once, instead of talking to those pesky doctors.... Logan was just being a pissy little pre-teen and testing my every nerve).

Here's some others, to show you the progression of our (very frustrating for Mama) picture taken session (it took me about 35 shots before I got a final good one!!).

Man.  These boys.