Friday, July 15, 2016

Kids Night Out

The rec center was having a Kids Night Out event tonight - the kids get to swim, run around and play, eat pizza and when it gets dark, watch a movie out on the lawn. The boys heard about it during camp today and begged me to add them to the list.

It felt a little silly for me to be dropping them off for a few more hours, after they'd already been hanging out all day for camp. But, they really wanted to so I signed them up.

We reserved a couple chairs on the lawn, right in front (taped signs to the chairs and left their towels on them), before we left after camp pick up. I'm so glad we did! When we got back for check in later this evening, it was a bit chaotic as all other kids were claiming chairs and moving spots around! :)

I think one of the counselors said they were expecting 60 kids tonight. Hoooo boy I'm glad I didn't stick around. ;-)

I pick them up in about an hour - hopefully they had a blast!

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