Friday, April 11, 2008

Muay Thai

well I finally did it. I went back to my first Muay Thai workout last night. It's been a little over a year since I've been - so I was nervous it would kick my ass. It was a hard workout and I struggled during parts (jumping rope and skip knees - both cardio so apparently my body is having issues with the extra weight?) ;-) but overall I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did! I was tired afterwards, but so far, haven't been sore or achy like I thought I might be. And, it's amazing how much comes back to you as far as punches and kicks go, even after a year of not touching a bag or gloves! :) Now I've just gotta keep it up!!

Yesterday I also visited the dermatologist (needed to get a spot checked out - not cancerous) and asked them about my stretch marks....of which lovely Logan left me plenty. Apparently there are a couple things they can do to remove them. A topical solution containing retin-A works wonders, but isn't recommended for nursing moms. Of course, the other solution is much more expensive - laser treatment. It's going to cost $7500 big ones if I want to get them removed! No thank you. I'll just work on getting the weight off and consider the stretch marks a special gift from Loganito. ;-)

This morning I went to the dentist's office and Logan behaved great! He sat on my lap during the entire cleaning - most interested in the tool they use to polish my teeth. I guess it was a different neat sound for him. :) Unfortunately, Mommy has another cavity (the first one in 10 yrs), which is ironic since I've been flossing more since I got pregnant, than I've ever flossed in my life. Go figure.

We had lunch at Kim's and hung out with her, Molly and Julie - our friend who is expecting her little one (baby #2) next week. She's looking great and we're all really excited to meet the next little baby that's going to join our clan of generation....Z?

(speaking of the next generation - as I'm about to publish this post, I got an email from my cousins Abe and Josie down in Mexico. They just delivered their little baby boy Leonardo Lavagia Connally this afternoon. Logan now has another cousin to join him in the ranks! Congrats guys! Welcome to parenthood!)

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