Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crocodile Tears

Pretty much anytime Logan goes down for a nap I quickly hustle around the house to see how many chores I can get done before he wakes up. So, the comic I received in my email today (for his 4 month birthday - woot!) was very appropriate :)

We've been experiencing some minor issues with his sleep these last couple of days. As he's getting older, bigger and stronger - he's been more and more successful at wriggling himself free from his swaddle at night. Which, wouldn't be a problem if he stayed asleep! :) However, once his hands are free, he tends to wake himself up with all the movement. It might also be because his arms and hands are ICE COLD, although I'm not positive on that since it doesn't seem to bother him. *shrug*

The other (related) issue is his constant movement! Now that we got the all clear from his doc, we've put him down the last few nights sans brace. Of course, this means since his legs and hips aren't tucked up in his chest, he has the freedom to kick and squirm all night long. Which he does! Traveling across the crib in no time until his head hits the other side and he wakes up.

This has made some early (or late, depending on how you see it) wake up calls for me since he wakes up crying and usually takes some nursing and serious convincing to go back to sleep. I can only hope he grows out of this phase and learns to sleep on his own very soon! *sigh*

So while Logan was down for his afternoon nap today, I spent most of the time sorting through TWO FULL BINS of 3-6 month clothes that Jenn gave me (that Robert has outgrown). Between the ones I'm going to keep for Logan and the tons of clothes we've received as gifts, this kid may just have more clothes than his Mommy! He's still lagging behind me in the shoe department though. He has about 5-6 new pairs of shoes, in addition to the 5-6 he already has. Heh. Child's play. ;-)

After his nap Logan woke up cranky, hungry and with a wet diaper. I rescued him from his crib, changed him and fed him, yet he was still unhappy. Crying so much that, for the first time I believe, he had big ol' crocodile tears rolling down his cheeks. If that doesn't make your heart melt, I'm not sure what will.

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