Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lookout Michael Phelps

We had a nice and relaxing day in South Beach yesterday. While the boys went to the data center to get some work done, Kim and I and the kiddos took off for a leisurely stroll around our hotel's neighborhood. I needed to get something cooler to wear like tank tops (silly me - I only really brought my nursing tops which are not only double layered but long sleeve and simply won't work in this muggy weather!!), so we went shopping at The Gap and a few other stores. It was pretty hot out but the kiddos did ok. Here's Logan all ready to go with his cool sun hat! :)

After a few hours, we came back to the hotel to relax and let the babies nap. Once our hubbys got home, we decided to take a dip in the pool - another "first" for Logan! :) I can't say he really *enjoyed* it - he only giggled a couple of times. Mostly, he was very tentative and not sure what to make of this humongous bath tub! :) I don't give him a lot of baths because of his eczema, so I think part of it is he's just not really used to being in the water that much. But, we're going to try again today so we'll see! I still have time to make him into an Olympic swimmer yet ;-)

We had another nice evening strolling Lincoln Mall. We ate an awesome meal at Sushi Samba (a hip and happening sushi spot) and had gelato again for dessert. Logan did great - he slept about 3 hours - the entire time out (which was nice for me since I got to enjoy dinner with everyone for once!) - woke up once we got back to the hotel which was fine since we needed to change and feed him again before putting him down anyway, and then he slept another 8 hrs before waking this morning. Yay!

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