Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2nd Day Back at Work

Jenn posted up the pics of our night out this past weekend. After several attempts at capturing the two boys sitting together on the couch, we FINALLY got one that was semi-decent I think. See how smiley these guys are!?! Total hams if you ask me.... Click on the pic below to see the rest of Jenn's pics from that night:

Logan (4.5 mths) and Robert (8.5 mths)

I came home from work today and Jon had about had it with Mr. Logan. He had spent the last couple of hours just bawling his eyes out. Jon thought perhaps he just missed me - and he did calm down, for the most part, when he was with me, but I think he was just needing some serious TLC. We changed him, fed him, played with him, walked around with him, I nursed him, etc. Just when you thought it was safe to set him down for a minute (so I could feed the dogs or make dinner) his upper lip jutted out real huge and he started wailing again. He was most content as long as one of us just held him. *sigh*

It's definitely more exhausting after a long day at work! I finally got him to sleep around 8pm, watched a little TV while he slept on my chest, and am now going to hit the hay. It'll be interesting to see if this is another "phase" or just a bad day. As Jon said, we survived another day - and that's pretty much how we're operating these days: one day at a time.

ps. Happy Anniversary Jon! I love you.


Cat Shipman said...

BFF's already!!!

Mama Bree said...

tell me about it! ;-)

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! A lot has happened in the past two years, huh?