Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Only in Miami

*whew* Now that I've got all the dr's appts out of the way today, and Logan's taking a nap after his traumatic 4 month shots, I'll try to summarize the rest of our vacation this past weekend.

It goes without saying we had a blast! And, I enjoyed our time even more than I expected because Jon and I were on East Coast time, but little Logan appeared to stay on West Coast time. So, when he started drifting to sleep about 11:30pm or so, we were able to put him down, watch a little TV before going to bed ourselves, and then get a full night's rest since we basically slept the same 8-10 hrs he did. When we're at home, I really struggle to get to bed early, and still end up going to bed by 11-11:30pm. Because he's down by about 8:30pm, he wakes up around 6-7am (if not earlier) and it just kills me not to have my full 8 hrs of sleep! :) Anyway, it was really nice and I felt like I also got a lot more time to spend with my husband on the trip.

So, I'll pick up where I left off Saturday morning. Jon and Nathan still had some work to do Saturday afternoon - so Kim and I took the babies for another stroll around Miami Beach that afternoon. The weather was super hot and muggy, so Kim and Molly retired a bit early for the air conditioned hotel rooms. I decided to stick it out a bit longer and get some snapshots of the buildings and area around us. Logan drifted in and out of sleep for most of the walk but I finally woke him to give him some milk since I was concerned he'd get dehydrated from the heat (his cheeks were flushed pink even tho I had him covered in shade the entire time!).

When the boys got back, we went out to another nice dinner - this time Cuban! Yuuummmm. It's amazing how satisfying a simple dinner like black beans, rice and plantains will do it for ya! :) After dinner, we all strolled along Ocean Street, mostly people watching since that is *the* place to be seen. Toward the end of the night, we caught an unexpected display of fireworks over the beach which was neat. Logan had been a bit fussy and seemed to be a little interested in the bursts of color in the air, but not as crazy about them as his mom. ;-)

Sunday we all trekked to Jungle Island, to see some parrots and other tropical animals.... the birds were absolutely gorgeous and I think I got some pretty good pics from our trip to the park. Logan slept on Daddy the majority of the way, a little too young to appreciate the sights. It's definitely a place where a bit older kids (say 4-6 yrs old?) would love - so I'm taking note to visit again in the future.

Because it was super hot out and the park is all outdoors, we were all pretty spent when we got back to the hotel. So, back to the pool we went! :) Logan wasn't as agreeable this time around however, so while Daddy sipped his fruity drink and floated in the pool, Mommy sat with little Logan all bundled up in a towel. Molly, unfortunately, wasn't feeling well at all (turns out she caught a head cold), so the Hicksons decided to stay in Sunday night and eat dinner in their room. I wanted to go out one last time for our last night out and, because we had such a wonderful dinner the night before, I decided we should do Cuban again. After all, we can get great Chinese, Italian, Japanese, etc. in the bay area, but you're hard put to find a good Cuban joint.

So, we set out for Lincoln Mall Road one last time - to eat at the little Cuban restaurant we visited the last time we were in Miami - about a year ago when I was pregnant with little Logan! :) We had another delicious dinner before heading back home. On our way back to the hotel, we got caught in the rain - so the last 10 or so blocks we were pretty soaked! But, it was warm out so it didn't bother us too much. And, Loganito never knew the difference, his good ol' stroller protected him from the downpour quite well! :)

Reflecting over the last few days away, I'm really glad we made the trip. The 6 hr flight was a good test to see how well Logan would hold up on the plane in case we decide to do a longer/bigger trip later this year (that is the plan!). And, altho I think I did pretty well overall, I have a better sense of what to pack and not pack for the next time around (uhhh, skip the long sleeve nursing outfits in muggy 80 degree weather!). What's best of all, the trip was really invigorating and calmed all the minor jitters I had about traveling with a baby... and has got me really excited for our next big trip, hopefully sometime soon! :)

Click on any of the pics to see the rest of our vacation! That's right, a fabulous lime-green car baby. Only in Miami.... ;-)

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