Monday, April 14, 2008

2 Weeks Left :(

Today marks my maternity leave two week countdown - I'm trying not to think about it too much since it's so depressing! :( I have really settled into home life with Logan quite nicely and can't imagine what it's going to be like not seeing him all day long. *sigh* The good news is, Jon will get to spend some quality Father/Son time with Logan before he starts childcare (the child care center we finally decided to go with didn't have a spot open until mid-May, so Jon is using a couple weeks of paternity leave to bridge the gap). I'm hoping it'll be less traumatic for me and Logan too, since he'll still be with someone he knows for a couple more weeks, and I won't be *as* stressed at work from leaving him at a child care center for the first time. :)

Logan seems to have returned to wake up calls at night this past week. We thought it might have something to do with getting his brace off since he's a lot more mobile and fidgety without it on. But, I also wonder if he might be going through another growth spurt? He's eating like crazy again -- he's up every couple of hours and is super fussy and hungry. Two nights ago he polished off about 25 oz in a 12 hr period. Yikes!! I want to wait as long as possible before we move to solids, esp. given his digestive issues, but if he keeps this eating frenzy up, we may need to start sooner than I had wanted (one of the signs that it's time to start solids, so I've read, is when they start eating a lot more, never seeming to be satiated, and stop sleeping well thru the night). We'll see.

The weather finally cooled off today with a nice breeze so I spent some time sitting out reading on our backyard patio for the first time while Logan napped. A recent development of his is touching, playing with and sticking out his tongue. I stick mine out back at him and he smiles, but I'm not sure he gets the connection just yet. :)

Alicia and Sarah stopped by for the afternoon to visit with Logan one last time before their flight home this evening -- he is definitely a charmer with all the ladies, and his Abuelita and Tia are no exception! ;-)

Click on the pics to see more snapshots of their visit this past weekend.....

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Luke Shipman said...

I totally can't imagine what it will be like when I have to go to work. It is such a wonderful time and so great. I hope it goes smoothly. Curtis said his heart just jumped reading that you have only two weeks left...