Monday, April 28, 2008

The Working Mom's Secret Cult

Back to the grind.


My first day back to work was bittersweet. It was nice to get a "break" and do adult things all day long. The day went by surprisingly fast and I didn't get too misty eyed about being away from Logan all day. I think I choked up once or maybe twice but nothing major and it was gone in a flash. I kept really busy which helped.... nothing like hitting the ground running to make the day whiz right by! I had a ton of work to take care of (I got assigned a new account which, of course, had several burning issues to attend to right when I walked in the front door). And then all of a sudden I noticed "shit, it's 5 o'clock! I'm outta here!" ;-)

The difference of today vs. any previous work day for me has been coming home - I left at 5pm - totally unusual for me. And, my laptop is still sitting in my backpack by the front door. The minute I got home, I slipped right back into Mommy Zone like I had never left (of which Daddy was relieved, I think... taking care of Logan all night last night and today was a bit of a wake up call for him. hehe) I suppose work will just have to get used to me working less hours than before!

I was amazed at how all my female co-workers immediately sought me out and flocked around my desk to see how Logan was, how I was doing, etc. Many are new moms themselves, so I'm sure we looked like a flock of clucking hens, comparing notes about how many hours each of our babies is sleeping, how many ounces they are eating, how much they weigh, etc. I can only imagine what the many men around us were thinking. Probably rolling their eyes at us. ;-) My team also bought me a beautiful vase of spring flowers to welcome me back -- a pleasant surprise!

Besides comparing notes and sharing pics with the other mothers, another new experience was visiting the "Mother's Room" in our building, of which I now have keys to.... when I entered, there were actually RULES listed on the white board and I felt like I was somehow just initiated into a secret cult that you always wonder about, but never get to participate in.

I would tell you the rules. But, then I'd have to kill you. mwahahahahahahahahahhaa

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Kim said...

Rules? Seriously?!?!

Happy to hear you weren't in complete clock watcher mode your first day back.