Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stroller Power

Last night was another tough night alone. Don't I sound like the whiny baby?? Well, who gives a shit. I'm going to share my woes with you anyway. ;-)

I went to bed way too late (taking care of chores after I put Logan down), and woke up a few hours later to three short shrieks bursting from Logan's room. I've never heard him scream like that before (usually it's a long wail that he takes some time to work up to) you can imagine how quickly I jumped out of bed only to find him pouting at me, apparently done with sleeping and not happy to be in his crib. So, I fed him and let him hang out with me on the bed while I secretly tried to catch a few more zzzzz's, but he didn't like that idea and pretty much kept me up until the sun rose. Heh. I finally put him down in his crib about 6:30am so he could fall asleep on his own and so I could too!

He woke me up about 8:30am - I stumbled in the bedroom to check on him. He was still sleeping but annoyed about his blanket on his head again (I guess) because when I moved it, he stopped fussing and went back to sleep. soooo, I fed the dogs and got dressed, ready to go to Stroller Power!! :) My friend Katrine and her 5 mth old Emily have been going 3x a week (yes, hard core gals). I've heard about programs like this but never knew anyone who went, so I decided to try it out with Katrine today. Class was at 9:30am, around the corner from our house. It's a whole running, circuit-training, outdoors class with your babies/strollers, for 1.5 hrs. I haven't been as lucky at losing the pregnancy weight very quickly and I've really been noticing a lot more aches and pains in my joints (particularly my bum foot - sports injury from many moons ago) after just a simple walk around the neighborhood. Totally annoying. I KNOW it's because of the extra weight I'm carrying that my body is not used to - so I really need to be more proactive and get it off fast.

At any rate, poor little Logan was sound asleep and mean mommy woke him up about 9:10am to get to the class. The class was really great - running is not really my thing but it was a good workout. I didn't stay the entire class, left about an hour later, because it had started raining pretty good and Logan was an unhappy camper the entire time (probably something about me waking him up and not feeding him immediately like he's used to!) But that's ok. I still got a great work out, met a lot of cool moms, and hope to go back again next week! :)

Afterwards, I met up with Kim for lunch and another Diaper Day at the movies. This time we saw La Misma Luna - I wasn't really that interested in seeing the movie, it was more just an excuse to get out of the house. But, it was actually a really great flick (a tear jerker!) and I'm glad we caught it. :)

Gotta go pack for our trip tomorrow while Logan's snoozing. It's amazing how much more crap I need to load up in the car and suitcases, now that I'll be traveling with a baby. Yikes!

I'll leave you with one pic that I snagged this morning just before waking him up from his peaceful slumber.... yes, there IS a baby underneath those blankets. When I put him down, the white blanket was around his legs. He manages to kick it up over his head EVERY time. You'll also notice a little arm sticking out - he managed to wiggle both arms out of the swaddle while sleeping. No, he's not really an active guy. Not at all. *sigh*

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Cat Shipman said...

sounds like fun!!! the class at least, not the lack of sleep and Logan seems to be growing everytime I look at the blog!