Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Single Parenting

For all you single parents out there - BRAVO! (or virtually single like my old high school friend Amy who, incidentally, visited us from Washington today) It's pretty damn exhausting doing this all by your lonesome and I'm just thankful we're separated from Jon for only a few days! *sigh*

The daytime isn't as bad - I've filled it up with running errands, walks, bathtime, playtime, visits, you name it. And, Logan isn't the wiser. But, once night time hits, it's a whole 'nother story! Last night was pretty rough on me. :( Logan kept waking or fussing every 2-3 hrs and by morning I was just plain exhausted. I didn't have Jon to turn to and ask to take a turn - it was just 24x7 non-stop all me! wooowhee!!

Tonight hasn't been much better - partly because I messed with his bedtime. I had to pick up my parents at the airport at 8:30pm, which is just about when Logan goes to bed. He conked out about 8pm, but then I had to load him up into the car seat, get on the road, go pick up my parents, and then we went to grab a bite to eat for dinner..... all the moving and jostling around woke him up and he wasn't very happy about that. I finally put him down in his crib around 11:30pm because I had to still get some chores done tonight (tomorrow is trash day) and get to bed myself! He's gone to sleep now so I'm hoping he sleeps through the night so I can get a few hours of rest on my own. We'll see!! ;-)

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