Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rice Cereal

Today Jon decided to give Logan a little rice cereal to see if he'd sleep any better. This isn't technically his first try of "solids" since I've given him a little bit of banana a few times this past week, just smooshed all over my fingers. I can't say he was in love with the banana, but he did keep sucking on my fingers and playing with it in his mouth. I figure the new texture was cool to him. :)

At any rate, he seemed to take the rice cereal today just fine - altho Jon gave it to him in a bottle vs. with a spoon.... so it was probably just like drinking a milkshake to him. ;-) He had a long nap after that which was a good sign, and wasn't as grumpy when I got home tonight.

We'll see how long he sleeps tonight. Last night we had another rough night - Logan woke up twice in the middle of the night, downing milk like crazy each time. Jon was a wreck because he had to get up every few hours which he isn't used to. I actually didn't sleep well either since I could hear the two of them in the other room, both pretty unhappy. :( So, neither of us were happy campers this morning when Logan finally woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. I'm getting really concerned that if this pattern keeps up once Jon returns to work, we'll be screwed. I suppose we'll just have to take turns each night to tend to Logan and be zombies the next day - but it's going to really suck. *sigh* Here's to hoping the transition to solids will keep him asleep longer at night!

One thing I will really be looking forward to, once Logan starts child care, is using the carpool lane on my way home after I pick him up. My commute is generally about 30 min., but for some strange reason, today it took an entire hour just to get home. Painful. Lookout carpool lane, here I come!!! :)

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Luke Shipman said...

Curtis and I were wondering if a baby counted for the carpool lane - now we know! Luke was having two diaper changes a night and one feeding but now he is back to feeding each time he wakes up. Quite the pain. I'm glad I still have time at home so I can nap in the morning but poor Curtis wakes up each time Luke wakes up!