Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dermatologist Visit

Yesterday I took Logan in to see my dermatologist and we got great news! He doesn't think Logan has eczema! :) He said Logan was way too smiley and happy to be a baby with eczema. hehehee :) Apparently he'd be itching and scratching a lot and wouldn't be eating or sleeping well. He'd definitely be upset and angry all the time.... That's not to say Logan doesn't have sensitive skin though. The Dr definitely thinks he has a skin issue - it doesn't hold onto moisture very well and is unusually dry, which leads to the red blotchy scaly rashes that I've been seeing. So, he prescribed us some lotion that will help his skin maintain the moisture and also gave us some cream to use if the red rashes DO flare up again. All in all, great news! :) They gave me some samples to use while we wait for the prescription and I can already see a difference in how his skin is reacting to the lotion - absorbing and taking to it much better than the other lotions and creams we've been using. :)

After the dr's, we met up with Kim and Molly at the mall and spent a few hours strolling around. I got a cute little bathing suit for Loganito for the summertime which I can't wait to try out! Logan was a champ - slept for about 3 hrs after the dr's and then was just content and happy to hang out with me and the girls at Kim's house until Daddy and Nathan got home.....

Daddy had a great day yesterday as well - since he finally bought a new motorcycle! He's been talking about getting another bike ever since he sold his last one. ;-) It feels a little odd timing-wise....since we now have a baby to care for. And, I don't know if I'll get to ride with Jon as much as I used to, but we'll see. Maybe the grandparents will just have to babysit more often once summertime hits ;-)

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