Monday, June 9, 2014

Round 3!

We got up at the crack of dawn again today for Callum's lumbar and IV procedure (with admission). If you're keeping track, this is number three of six total admissions during this phase. Halfway there! We're getting to be old pros by now!

Callum was taken by surprise, a bit more than previous procedures, when the anesthesia hit him. He actually grabbed his head/ears the minute the med hit - I'm assuming it was the woozy knock out feeling that bugged him. But, he did fine otherwise and woke up squirmy and chatty and wanting to play his iPad games as usual.

Our ambulance ride was a breeze. We had the same team as last time and the gal who rode in the back with us, remembered us (well, I might add!), so we just caught up on life since our last trip. :)

We are now settled in at "Hotel El Camino". Our room is next door to the room we had for the last two visits, so I'm a little turned around since everything is laid out in a mirror image from what I'm used to ;-) But otherwise settling in nicely and have just begun the 24 hour methotrexate IV.

I told our child life specialist that Callum really enjoyed water coloring last visit, so she stepped it up a notch, with tempura paints and an easel to work from, this time around. Boy, did he jump out of his bed to try it out right away!

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