Sunday, June 8, 2014

Scheduling Tetris

Before I blog about my subject title, let me just take a moment to giggle at my adorable kid and his kissable chunky cheeks!

I had to send a recent pic of him to the hospital for a(nother) program I applied for, and he posed a few cheesy smiles for me while I snapped away. As you can see, he's still got his steroid cheeks but they are now looking much more like his "before" state - I'm seeing less of his double chin these days and his dimples are much easier to make out. :)

The last pic is just to show a typical haul from the pet store to feed our furry zoo. Four huge bags of dog food and four small bags of cat food (plus a cat toy that Callum picked out). We buy LOTS of pet food A LOT of the time. Phew!

As for my "Scheduling Tetris" topic, this week is going to be particularly crazy. I've got several folks helping out to juggle our "life" and actually started writing it down so I wouldn't forget it all. Then, I decided I'd show you, my dear readers, a quick glimpse into this week's juggling act.

What makes it so crazy? Callum (and I) will be admitted to the hospital this week. Jon is traveling a few of those days. And Logan's Kindergarten graduation is also happening! Yikes!

So here's what we're going to do....

On Monday - my dad will take Callum and I to the hospital while Jon takes Logan to school in the morning.
Kim will pick Logan up from school, and Jon will pick him up from Kim's house when he gets home after work.

On Tuesday - Jon will take Logan to school and then catch his flight. My dad will pick Logan up from school, where he'll spend the night. And Kim will pick up the dogs!

On Wednesday - my Mom will take Logan to school while my Dad will meet me at the hospital to swap and watch Callum so I can then make it to Logan's graduation! And if we're lucky, Callum will get discharged, but if not, then we'll stay another night (and Logan will stay with my parents again). Depending on when we get home (Wed or Thurs), Kim will drop the dogs back off at home too.

Are you exhausted yet? Because I am, and we haven't even started the week yet! Wish us luck. :)

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