Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Survived Days 2-3 Drop Offs!

I guess my parents felt sorry for me after my Monday posting. ;-) So my mom came over yesterday morning to hang out with Callum while I took Logan to school, which was super helpful actually because I then had some extra time to hunt for his lost jackets and lunchbox (recovered all but one jacket - damnit!) and also turn in his Walk-A-Thon money to the coordinator (who is a different teacher, another classroom, across the quad). I wouldn't have been able to do any of that with Callum in tow (and neutropenic!).

Speaking of Logan's Walk-A-Thon money - the grand total he raised was $3,331!!!! Isn't that amazing?! We are so proud of him and grateful to all of you! They will announce the final numbers across everyone, at the flag raising on the last day of school, next week. I hope to attend since I think they may acknowledge Logan specifically, which will be exciting (I haven't told him just in case nothing happens). :)

Today, my dad came over to stay at the house while I took Logan to school. Again, so nice that he did because as it turns out, little C really needed his rest and didn't wake up until 9am! (Logan and I leave the house by about 7:40am to get him to school on time).

Here he is dancing and in a great mood, just minutes after waking up. ;-)

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