Sunday, January 18, 2015

A huge play day!

The Dads headed over to Pebble Beach to golf this morning so Jill and I took the kids to a HUMONGOUS park called Dennis the Menace. It was awesome and the kids had a blast, but it was a little much for two moms to keep track of 5 very mobile (and one infant) on our own. :)

After lunch we headed back to the hotel so the younger ones could nap. The oldest boys rested as well, watching TV in our room, while the Dads watched football.

Before the sun set, we took the kids on a short walk to a nearby butterfly habitat and saw a bunch of clusters and learned a bit about the process of their evolution (sadly, my phone really couldn't get a picture of them since they were kind of far away).

All in all, another fun and full day!

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