Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A visit to Logan's class

Today, a social worker from our hospital visited Logan's class and gave a (short) presentation on the hospital, leukemia, and how a diagnosis like that might affect Logan and our family (she really encouraged the kids to be a supportive friend to Logan, which made him a little shy, given he was called out like that).

I wasn't expecting it, but the whole thing caught me a little off guard emotionally. Seeing these kids' immediate and honest reaction, the minute she mentioned Logan's brother was sick, hit me a bit. They were genuinely surprised and sad at the news, with several turning around to verify with Logan directly.

"Awww!! Your brother is sick?!?"

It was the sweetest of things actually.

The kids were a bit shy at the end of the presentation, and didn't know what questions to ask (even though they continued to raise their hands and seemed to have a million questions DURING the talk! Ha!), so I spoke up from the back of the room and reminded them that I was Logan's mom, and if they wanted, they could ask me some questions too.

Suddenly, a bunch of hands shot up in the air.

How did Logan's brother get sick? How did you know? What did you do? Is he in the hospital right now? Who takes care of Logan when you are at the hospital? Can we make him a card or give him a present?

The overall experience was really good and really positive (and great timing since the kids are learning about the human body right now). I'm REALLY glad we did it... And have already prepped our social worker to expect to do it again next year (for both boys). ;-)

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