Thursday, January 8, 2015


The boys got their hair cut yesterday. Neither wanted me to take their pictures so you can only sorta see how much we chopped off. ;-)

Logan has really been excelling at swimming lately (he just passed another level and will be learning breast stroke next!), so he has finally allowed me to get more than a centimeter cut off his hair, since his long shag has been getting in his way during swim. :)

We also cut quite a bit off Callum's since healthier hair is starting to (finally) grow back and replace the rough course "chemo" hair, that I like to call it. I think most of that hair (what started growing out when we started treatment) is now gone with this last cut and the latest batch of hair looks much better. Yay! (He would NOT stand still for me in that pic so this was the best I could grab!!)

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