Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our sensitive guy

I don't know if this would have naturally developed on its own or if the barrage of meds that Callum has been on has tweaked his senses but MAN I swear sometimes I have a budding foodie in the works.

I've written before about his very specific instructions on how to cook a pizza or make a corn dog. Friends and family have been yelled at (yes, yelled at!) and there have been tears, when a corn dog isn't cut just right. :)

But today was another, very sensitive, explosion of Callum's senses.

I dropped him off at preschool like always. Today is pajama day - which he has really been looking forward to - but about fell apart at home this morning when he spilt milk on his pj's and they got wet. Thankfully, mom to the rescue here, because I had another set for him to wear (which, secretly, I was happier about anyway since they were warmer and it's friggin cold outside!). But I digress.

So we walk into his classroom and there's a distinct smell of over cooked oil I would say. I'm super sensitive to smells myself so I wasn't crazy about it but I've learned to just take a deep breath and plow through until I can get some fresh air.

The teachers were making pancakes so they happily cheered as we walked in "we have pancakes today Callum! Pancakes and pj's!"

And then Callum started to gag.

Like, gag so strongly I started preparing myself to catch some puke in my hands gag. :(

I asked him "what's wrong buddy?"

And he whispered to me, "the smell is awful."

After a few minutes of the two of us just standing there, he seemed to finally recover and be over it. But everything between catching puke and debating on whether I needed to pull him out of class for the day, raced across my mind.

I'm curious if his sensitivity to tastes and textures and smells will go away once we're off his chemotherapy program or if they'll stick. If they stick, I think I'll need to enroll him in a cooking class or two because he really is developing quite the palate (and nose)! ;-)

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