Saturday, January 31, 2015

Loganism of the month

We have some exciting news!! We just purchased a new home. :)

We've been discussing a potential move for years, since Jon has endured a ridiculously long commute for way too long. Our discussions became a bit more serious after Callum was diagnosed and I quit my job. The universe was telling us - there were less and less reasons to stay in the South Bay and more and more reasons to move further North.

On top of all that, while we've been "okay" with Logan's school, we haven't been AMAZED by them. We had a few stumbles with them when Callum was diagnosed that, let's just say, left a bad taste in our mouths - and I've been worried they'd be - less than easy - to work with, once the time came to enroll Callum into school.

(I don't think I ever blogged about it, but suffice to say, we received one of those template letters from the principal/district at the end of the school year last year, reprimanding us for a "truant" child [Logan, who was in KINDERGARTEN], and that if it repeated again this year, they'd report us to the District Attorney's office.

I, of course, blew up and sent a very stern letter back to the principal, telling her that that type of communication was completely unacceptable, inappropriate and ridiculous, that they should think about picking up the phone and calling me instead, that I never wanted to see another letter like that from them again... And basically, to give me a fucking break. I might've thrown the Cancer card around once or twice as well.)

So, while I am always nosily (is that a word?) drooling over, and daydreaming about, gorgeous houses that we can never afford, I was also back to the drawing board with schools, and had started touring and interviewing a number of private options near us, given we have different - and special - needs for our kids now.

At the same time that I was touring schools (because January is basically the enrollment period for most schools), we had some surprising activity pick up with a potential house (which we had placed an offer on during the holidays but had gone nowhere) in the background. Jon, being the amazing hardass negotiator that he is, crafted a wonderful deal for us, and we closed on the new house this week. :)

As Logan has so perceptively noted - the new house is (crazy) close to Callum's hospital (which means, to Logan, less driving to and from the hospital for visits when we stay overnight, or day trips for me and Callum to see the drs), closer to Jon's work (which means, to Logan, more time that Daddy can now spend at home), and has better schools (which means, to Logan, less bullies - another topic I won't get into now but take a wild guess at what bothers him about his current school!). He (and therefore Callum as well) approved of our decision.

I hope that Logan is still young enough that he'll bounce back quickly from a big transition (home and school life) like this. And since Callum hasn't yet started Kindergarten, moving to this new school vs. any other wouldn't have been much different in terms of transitions. I hope this will be the place that all of the boys' childhood memories will stem from, when they are old.

So, while we're super sad to leave our amazing neighborhood we live in now, the number of wins we gain from this move can't be ignored.

All that said, we won't actually move immediately! We plan to stay here and finish Logan's school year, before we move to the new home. This will also allow us time to do some remodeling work, which we can't do while Callum lives there anyway.

Two birds! Bam Bam!

(Plus, I might as well throw another project on my plate, right?)

Wow Bree, this story is really great and I'm happy to hear you've found a new home. But what does all this have to do with the Loganism of the month, you ask?


Yesterday, I took Logan up with me to see the new house and his new school (for registration). I brought his iPad with us so that he could play a few games while we were at the house (since my Dad, brother and I had to take measurements to begin planning for the remodel).

At one point, Logan came up to me with his iPad in hand -


This place won't let me play Boom Beach. (a favorite online iPad game of his)

Yes, that's because we don't have Internet access here.

Well then, I don't want to move here.


Ahhhh, kids. ;-)

I hope to take a number of before/after pics to document our remodeling project along the way. Stay tuned for the next chapter(s) of our wild adventure!

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orangela said...

Wahoo! I think this means you'll also be closer to us...? Sounds like a win for every family member (once you hook up internet service, that is). Congratulations!