Friday, January 2, 2015

A productive day

Callum and I headed back up to the hospital early this morning for another round of vincristine. His counts are great and he's doing really well (other than being whiny and hungry from the steroids - thank goodness this morning was the last dose for this round!) so we won't be back for three weeks - yes!

We also got to meet our new Nurse Practitioner, Sadie, who's replacing Carly. She's no Carly ;-) but she's good, nice and I hope we'll get along great. She gave me a few tips today on how to tweak Callum's drug regimen, which I appreciated.

Meanwhile, Jon and Logan hung out at home enjoying one of their last days off. While we were gone, Home Depot delivered our next project - a humongous shed, which Jon proceeded to assemble this afternoon. We plan to store a bunch of things in it to help free up room in our garage, so we can, someday, perhaps, fit a car. ;-)

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