Sunday, January 17, 2016

A lazy day

After our adventure to the ER last night, and our bust of a breakfast this morning, we decided to lay low most of the morning, cuddling and watching TV shows (that Jon had downloaded onto his laptop) instead.

Around lunchtime, Callum's mood had brightened and he started talking about being hungry. So we decided to venture out again and luckily, this time, Callum had more energy, walked to and from the restaurant on his own and was generally in a good mood. He still didn't eat very much over lunchtime, but the improvement in his mood made us all a happier bunch I think.

We relaxed some more in the afternoon before heading out for one last swim of the trip. Callum really wanted to swim in the pool but Logan has been ALLLLLL about riding the waves. So Jon stayed with Callum, playing in the pool while Logan and I headed out to the beach and I joined him in the water.

After we cleaned up, we walked to a close pizza joint, which I thought might be a nice change for the boys. Callum ate about half a slice (after an afternoon snack of Cheetos, carrots and celery!), which is the most he's eaten since yesterday's lunch. Hopefully this means we're on our way to recovery!

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