Monday, January 25, 2016

Next school project

Don't think we get much of a breather from the Valentines project, because now another is due! ;-)

Callum's first 100 days of school milestone is coming up (next Monday). In anticipation, his teachers have asked us to help him collect 100 small items to bring to class later this week.

My grand idea, actually, was to collect 100 shells from the beach, while in Hawaii. But, then he got sick and wasn't in the mood. :( While out getting supplies for his Valentines, I grabbed a few things to use for the project - these rocks "won".

We grouped them into 10s and have glued then onto the cardboard (mid way thru, we had an accident where he got his finger stuck in some hot glue - yikes!!! That was no fun at all). :(

He's showing me here how to count by 10. :)

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