Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Valentine's Post Office

A couple of weeks ago I got a 3 page packet of instructions (THREE PAGES!) from Callum's teachers describing the kids' next project: the Valentine's Post Office.

Let me first say, this is my kind of communication. Detailed, explicit, thought out and covering all bases. Not to mention turning a Hallmark holiday into a very cool learning experience. I loved it!

At the same time, I suddenly had a (much earlier than usual) deadline to get the boys' Valentines ready. The procrastinator in me thought "Shit! Now I've gotta get on it!" ;-)

So here's what Callum's class will be doing:

The kids each get a "mailbox" (which they painted today - Callum is smiling next to his) with their name and number (of their actual address, so they get to learn their addresses too!) on it.

We need our Valentines ready by Monday of next week, when the Post Office opens. Each Valentine needs to be in an envelope with each classmate's name and (number) address on it.

There will be a myriad of jobs when the PO opens, that the kids will rotate through, including things like tending the cash register to sell stamps (or as a customer to buy them), collecting and sorting the mail, canceling the mail, delivering the mail, and picking up their mail. They start next week since they'll only handle a couple Valentines a day - to spread it out over a few weeks. Which then allows the kids to also enjoy each Valentine they get a bit more! :)

These teachers are so organized and with it - and seem to turn any little thing into not only a learning but an experience. You can imagine how much thought and work will go into the whole thing - yet I know it's going to be pulled off without a hitch (I know they've been doing it for years but even still, I bet their first year doing it was fantastic).

Anyway, a really cool project, IMHO. And one more to add to the growing list of reasons why I'm in love with the boys' school. :)

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