Tuesday, January 19, 2016

School Tutor

(This pic was taken in stealth mode since I didn't want to distract or disturb them)

I met with our school after the Christmas break to discuss Callum's absences and the risk of him falling behind in school. His teachers are probably a little more nervous than I am about it, but I'm glad they're keeping an eye on things. And extra schooling isn't a horrible thing anyway. ;-)

So we decided on a tutor to come visit Callum at home, every other week, for an hour. The original intent was to have a home tutor only come when he misses school (due to ER visits or Dr appts, etc), but we finally landed on a consistent schedule regardless of his absences because it would be easier for everyone to manage.

Today was Callum's first day meeting his home teacher (she is a regular sub for Kinder classes, as well as having a daughter in Kindergarten herself). He was upset, at first, that he had to do more school after he got home (and it interrupted his lunch which he was in the middle of). But he quickly warmed up to her and they had a fantastic session together in the end.

Once again, I'm so very grateful for our new school and district. They have been beyond supportive of us and Callum - thank goodness!

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