Sunday, April 2, 2017

A last minute fancy dinner date!

This past Thursday night, I got a sitter and Jon came home early, so that we could head to our local middle school and listen to a "parent intro" talk from the principal and teachers there....since, in our particular district, kids entering 4th grade actually attend the middle school! So, Logan will be attending a new school next year. Crazy!

It's a little nerve wracking in some ways, to think my young innocent little 4th grader will be at the same school as those rowdy 8th graders! But, they do a good job keeping the 4-5th graders segregated from the bigger kids, so the only real exposure he'll have will be on the bus to/from school (which I'm not crazy about but what can you do?!?)

After the presentation, we thought we'd catch a late night movie, but nothing was showing at the right times. So, Jon suggested we give Plumed Horse (a favorite restaurant of ours) a call and amazingly, they had an available table for us!

Everyone at the restaurant who'd stop by our table would ask if we were celebrating anything in particular that night. We said not really, we just happen to have a sitter and a free night for once. So everyone then decided we were "celebrating freedom" - and offered to take our picture to commemorate it. ;-)

What a fun, spontaneous and delicious night out.

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