Monday, April 10, 2017

Headed to DisneyWorld!

We had to wake up super duper earlier this morning (the car picked us up at 5:45am!!), but the early hour was fine by the boys not just because they were on their way to DisneyWorld, but because we were also picked up in a stretch limo which they were totally jazzed about. :) (I know Logan still looks like he's waking up but trust me he was just as thrilled as Callum and kept talking about how he couldn't wait to tell his friends) :)

We also got primo VIP treatment when we got to our gate for our flight. Southwest gave Callum a present (an awesome Star Wars Lego kit) and then escorted us all onto the plane early before everyone else. Before bringing us on, they made a little announcement at the gate and several gates worth of travelers clapped for our little man. I would be lying if I said that didn't get me a bit choked up!

On the plane, the boys got a fun tour of the cockpit and got to pick the pilots' brains for a bit. Logan seemed more interested than Callum actually, but overall they enjoyed the special treatment and the entire crew seemed super pleased and excited to have us. :)

(We also got similar VIP treatment on our second flight when we connected in PHX!!)

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