Sunday, April 2, 2017

Callum out on the arena

Then it was Callum's turn!! And he did awesome!! I was totally impressed and afterward, his shocked teacher was whispering to me about how thrilled she was at his progress and she was amazed at how he did.

Remember, last time he tried riding the horse he was TERRIFIED and actually cried, super scared about falling off. He got off quickly and got back on after he saw Logan do well, but even then, would only ride a few steps at a time and never left the mounting/stable area.

But this last Friday he not only rode through the mounting area, but headed over to the arena and spent his lesson in the arena learning how to move forward and take turns. He was getting so cocky and confident that by the end, when he decided the lesson was done (but before his teacher was ready to call it), he turned the horse around and started riding back to the gate to leave. All on his own. She finally had to call out to him and make him "come back to get her" before they could leave and end the lesson. :)

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