Tuesday, April 11, 2017


After dinner we caught our express bus back to the Magic Kingdom where we squeezed in another attraction (a Monsters Inc. comedy show of sorts). I thought for sure it was too late and the boys would be too tired to sit through it all. But they thoroughly enjoyed it and asked to see it again tomorrow!

On our walk out, the nightly fireworks were midway through their show, so we stopped to watch for awhile before finally making our way back to the front gates (where we had to return the stroller and collect gifts that the boys had purchased throughout the day). Phew!!!

By the time we got out to catch the monorail, so had almost every other guest of the park. So we spent a good 20-30 minutes I'd say? waiting in another enormous crowd slowly inching forward every so often to board the monorail, to get back to the parking lot!

It was about midnight by the time we finally got home and tucked the boys into bed. 😱 No telling what time we'll start tomorrow!

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