Saturday, April 29, 2017

Our own birthday card

When a kid in Callum's class has a birthday, his teacher has all the kids make birthday cards for that child as a way to celebrate their day.

The birthday child, in turn, makes a card for his/her parents.

This is what Callum made for us. ❤

I've been horrible at blogging this last week or two because I've been laid out due to my back (which I'm sure is what he's referring to). But, I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel .... I've been on steroids for the last few days to help with the pain and inflammation, and will be starting PT again on Monday. I'll see my back Dr for a follow up next week too, since I had another MRI done this last week as well.

Thankfully, now that the boys are older and more self sufficient, I feel like I've been able to take better care of myself and recover faster than past flare ups. (I'm also, generally, in better shape, stronger and weigh less than I did several years ago, which no doubt has helped!)

Of course, cards like this always help too.😊

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