Saturday, April 15, 2017


The first thing Callum wanted to do, once we got to SeaWorld, was to see some whales. So, we went to the One World killer whale show, which was starting soon after we arrived.

Because of our Make A Wish passes, we got front row seats in "the Splash Zone". For the first half of the show, as the sides to the left and right of us got wet, the boys (and mostly Logan), kept turning to me and saying "but we're not getting wet, Mom!!" Don't worry, we will.....

Finally, towards the end of the show, the whales starting splashing everyone. And they had absolutely NO MERCY for us front and center folks. We proceeded to get completely soaked, over and over, which really upset Callum a great deal. He turned from the happiest camper on earth to a scared crying little boy who wanted to leave ASAP. :(

So, I ran out with him to avoid any more of the splashing and took him outside to sit in some sun, warm up a bit, and calm down. Poor kiddo.

After the show, we grabbed a bite to eat and at some time between leaving the stadium and walking out to find food, I did something wretched to my back (I have no idea what), and it just completely gave out. :( Jon says it's probably the last 4 days of nonstop walking but I think I must've done something to tweak it since it was totally fine and not bothering me for the last few days. :(

So, I limped along while we grabbed some food and headed to a "family friendly" Shamu Express roller coaster that the boys wanted to try out (they're sitting in the front in the pic I took). But my back was clearly disabling me more and more by the minute.

Luckily for me, the boys and Jon were all running out of steam themselves, and sadly, most of the rides were for either very small kids or really big kids :( so we went on one more ride where we got to see some penguins afterward, and then headed home.

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