Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Callumisms of the wee morning

Callum has been fighting a crappy head cold the last few days, with a mild fever coming and going every other day. :( (which I can't help thinking is just FANTASTIC timing for our upcoming trip 😑)

This morning he woke up pretty uncomfortable from his coughing fits and fever - but he was clearly still tired (as was I! the sun was rising but I wasn't ready to yet). So, I convinced him to come lay down for a bit longer in our room so he might sleep some more (and so he wouldn't wake Logan up).

A few weeks ago we got new window shades installed throughout the house. He noticed the shades drawn and said "Oh cool, you've got the shields down". 😎

He asked me how long he had to lay down because what he really wanted to do was get up and play on his iPad. :/ I told him he could get up when my alarm clock went off (which was another ~45 minutes). He asked how much more time that would be - I lied and said oh, about 15 minutes. He then whispered "Ugh! That's 900 seconds!" You're right, it is.

And a minute or two later, he fell asleep again. 😴

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