Monday, April 17, 2017

Callum's Star

We took it easy yesterday morning since it was our last day of the trip (and my back was still extremely aggravated). We spent most of the morning packing up all of our millions of stuffed toys in our bags and loaded everything up in the car to check out.

Since our flight wasn't until the late afternoon, we spent our last hours hanging out in the Village. While Jon checked out and returned our keys etc, the boys and I went back to the Castle to see where the Star Fairy had placed Callum's star. It's in the Star Tower, in the Panda circle (the last pic shows where exactly it is, recorded in their system, in case we ever want to come back to see it again). Speaking of coming back, we are now Give Kids The World alums, and can come back to visit the Village anytime we want! :)

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