Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6 month check up

Logan is doing great! He's right where he should be: weighing 16 lbs, 15 oz (50%), 26.5 inches tall (50%) and has a 44.5 cm head circumference (75%). He's healthy, very social and aware of all his surroundings.

And, he's strong - superbly strong as our doctor says (he's got a tight grip, sits up no problem and plants his feet down SOLID when you stand him up). He thinks Logan will be an early walker by about 8-9 months and RUNNING by 12-13 months! Running?!?! I didn't believe him and he said well, if not running, moving pretty damn quick. He told me to be ready to keep busy with this little one (well no joke there, we knew THAT already!). At any rate, we'll see if his prediction holds true. :)

He's also apparently teething (who knew?), but nothing has broken through yet, so we're still ok there. We have some fluoride drops we need to start giving him each day but that's about it. Logan also got three more shots today - the last of the DPT (and other) series - and did AWESOME! He cried a little but honestly, he didn't scream like he has before and after about 10 seconds he was totally fine. Took a little nap when we got home and is back up and chattier than ever. He's also got another crazy obsession with his tongue today, sticking it out at everyone -- I took a few pics which I'll have to post later tonight.


Jennifer said...

Such a cute picture! Great news on his stats! Robert weighed almost the exact amount at 6 months! Only 1 ounce difference! Too funny! If the docs predictions are true, good luck to you both. ;)

Kim said...

Excellent news on all of his stats! Sounds like a great healthy check up.

No comment on the weight comparison. ;-)