Monday, June 9, 2008

Single Working Mom

Jon left early this morning for a whirlwind Chicago - Ashburn - New York business trip.... he'll be back late Saturday night, just in time for Father's Day! :) So, Logan and I get to chill on our own all week.

Logan took a whopping 3.5 hr nap this morning and made me late to one of my meetings, but otherwise, today wasn't actually all that bad! I got Logan off to school, rushed to work, worked my fanny off all day, grabbed him from preschool, came home to let the dogs out, feed the animals and feed Logan, and then went over to Kim's for dinner and a movie while the kiddos hung out and babbled so loud that we had to turn up the volume quite a bit. ;-)

Logan was in a surprisingly good mood all day -- probably because he slept so much! (funny how that works) When I dropped him off at school in the morning he was actually playing with another one of the babies, and when I picked him up he was doing tummy time with two other babies in a little circle. It was very cute :) And, this evening, he got to try some more new foods since Auntie Kim had tiny freeze-dried apple cubes, which he's never eaten before. Neat!

All in all, a good first day for the single working mom and her kid. Let's hope the rest of this week is just as uneventful!

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Charlie said...

Yeah, Kevin's going to be gone for ten days and I'm not looking forward to it.
I feel like a whiner since there's a lot of moms that have *more* kids than me, and *never* have someone to help them.