Monday, June 2, 2008

Dream Big

I meant to blog earlier today when I woke up so I could capture all the nuances of this crazy dream I had last night, but alas, I have a temperamental sensitive son who demands my attention pretty much 24x7.

So, this will have to be a shortened version of my dream sequence -- I was getting new cabinetry for my kitchen and the rest of the house too. And, there was this cool software that I could load up on the computer which, after selecting the cabinets I wanted to buy, would then automagically TRANSFORM the entire house's cabinets into that design.... I could see the cabinetry in "real life" so to speak, in the actual rooms of my house, and walk around the home to decide if they were a "fit" or not, with the rest of the decor, before buying them. (Side note: the house I was walking through in my dream wasn't actually my current home but some magnificent mansion that was absolutely beautiful, big with spacious rooms and high-domed ceilings.)

Now I ask you -- if there was a type of software that existed out there, that could give you an accurate holographic 3-d representation of a product already *in* your home, would you buy it and/or use it to help you make a decision about the product you were considering purchasing?

Everyone raise your hands! C'mon now. Raise them. Raaaaiiiise them.....

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