Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mommy/Baby Get Together

A few friends of mine who all had babies around the same time as me came over for dinner and a play date tonight. We had a really good time -- tons of food, little pieces of toast for each baby that lasted the entire meal (so that we all actually got to EAT our own dinners first!), and then pictures and playtime until the little ones started getting too cranky to see straight.

There's only a four month gap between the oldest (Robert) and the youngest (Logan). And yet, they are all so uniquely different! It was tons of fun and I'm really looking forward to another get together soon :)

From left to right, Robert (10 mths), Molly (8 mths), Emily (7 1/2 mths) and Logan (6 mths). Click on the picture above for more shots of the night!!

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