Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Since I've been blogging now for a few months, I've gotten more and more interested in this whole blogging getup. I even posted about the crazy Mommy Blogging phenomenon. For those that didn't get to check it out, I'd highly recommend viewing some of those sites for kicks.

Well, another, totally non-mommy-related blog that I follow is Microspotting. A gal, let's call her Ariel, up in the Northwest, let's call the place Redmond, working for an evil-empire, let's call it Microsoft, got a job at said company about a year ago. And, like me who also joined with the company last year due to an acquisition, has realized it's not totally the Boring Corporate Red-tape Evil World that everyone says it is.

Ariel blogs about other Microsofties to let people on the outside know what it's like to work on the inside. And, she adds in some great colorful photos as well. I keep waiting for her to do a visit to Tellme some day; I think she'll meet too many creative and inspirational people to know what to do with.

So what's your point Bree and why the hell are you writing about this chick named Ariel and her Microspotting website?

Well, she put out a calling and I'm answering. She's just created new Microspotting t-shirts and our family, being the branded swag whoring family that we are, wants one!

I've put up a NEW POLL to the right. You tell me -- which t-shirt do you think I fit more? The "I am the empire" or "My job gives me special feelings"?

I know, too hard to choose, right?

Voting starts...... now.


Ariel said...

Hey, I'll be coming down to the bay area to profile 'softies in September! We should definitely meet up. :)

Zabuton said...

my vote is for the apple just like loganito's

Kimmy said...

You know, the part of me that worked for MS Staffing thinks, "wtf, does MS know she's using I/O mail to hurl around shit for a personal project?" and the other part is just pissed that after two years at Microsoft and dealing with Entertainment & Devices I don't get a shirt!

..I'll just pet my Apple shirts and pretend to be content in my button down Apple world