Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Swim Class

Tonight was Logan's first swim class and he did surprisingly well! The few times we've introduced him to water, either through bath time or in hotel pools, he hasn't really been that thrilled nor has he even LIKED it. He tends to freak out if his face, eyes or ears get wet and gets very stiff, timid and scared.

However, tonight was another story, thank goodness! We practiced holding the baby in a few different positions to allow them the most room (but us the most control) to kick. Logan was Mr. Frog Legs the entire time just kicking out froggy style thru the entire class. When I'd hold him close, he'd kick off my tummy and just wanted to bounce bounce kick kick kick. He didn't have the straight leg kick that we're working them on, but that'll come soon I'm sure :)

The hard part of the class was floating them on their back -- Logan liked this the LEAST of all. He kept kicking his legs straight up into the air and wouldn't relax even tho he was close to me and I was holding him the entire time. Still, he did better than I thought he would, since he has never liked that position in the water, since it tends to get his ears wet the most. :)

We also had them practicing REACHING out toward floaty toys in the pool, so they could get used to putting their arms out in front of them and reaching out for the water. He did EXCELLENT at this one, totally interested in nothing but the toy immediately in front of him (and switching focus to the next one if we moved on). And the minute he latched onto a toy, it was straight to the mouth to chew on and hold onto for dear life.

Jenn and Robert were also in the same class as us which was nice. Especially since the two of us Moms had no idea what to expect, nor did we really pack everything that we needed (but, between the two of us, I think we had it all covered and definitely learned what to bring/not bring for next time!). Julie brought Jamie and Jessie along to visit and cheer us on (Thanks Jamie!). And, Jenn and I even got a mini workout ourselves, since we were basically doing squats the entire time while holding the babies at shoulder height in the water. ;-)

All in all, a really successful first class and a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to our next one already! Oh, and Logan conked out early tonight which I'm SURE was because of all the exercise and excitement. A nice bonus.

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