Sunday, June 8, 2008


Tonight we tried peas for the first time! :) I can't say Logan liked them as much as the pears -- I think those are by far his favorite. However, he DID manage to polish off the entire jar again, along with some banana puffs, cheerios and yogurt melts. I've given him a couple cheerios and banana puffs before, but this is the first time he's tried picking them up and eating them on his own. He's okay at grabbing them (about 4 per fist with one swooping motion) but he can't quite get them into his mouth yet. :) It's actually quite comical watching him stare at his clenched fists, fingers slowly opening one by one, trying to figure out how to get the little cheerios in his mouth (they never quite make it, landing stuck to his cheeks or chin instead).

The yogurt melts have been a big hit for a couple weeks now, so I use them sorta like "dessert" to wind up the meal. He can't seem to get ENOUGH. I suppose I may be encouraging a sweet tooth by giving him so many, but I like that he's trying all sorts of new foods and it's getting him used to actually chewing, without me worrying about him choking when I'm not looking (they dissolve in seconds).

I decided to make a night out of "firsts" and gave him some juice via his new sippy cup -- which he was more interested in BITING the hell out of the flat nipple than drinking -- but seemed to like it nonetheless (the handles are perfect for him, since he's always grabbing his bottle to hold onto anyway).

And THEN he drank another 9oz of milk after all that!!

So, it's no surprise that he's currently passed out in his crib. ;-)

This weekend was my weekend to research swim classes for Mr. Logan, since we're creeping up on his 6 month birthday and most places start swim classes at 6 months. I'm currently looking at three different places and trying to decide which one to enroll him in. Just as child care centers are in high demand, so are swim classes it seems! There aren't too many open spots left, particularly in the evening or weekend classes that I would need to enroll him in, but there are a couple so we'll figure it out. I'm really excited to get him started very soon!

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Jennifer said...

Wow! Such a good eater! I can't believe he downed 9 ounces after all that!!