Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pearly Whites

Another first to report -- this time it's teeth -- or rather, a tooth!!

We were pretty sure something was going to break through soon with all the biting and gnawing that Logan has been doing this past weekend. And, this evening after our 2nd swim class (which went great, Logan and Robert both did much better and Jenn and I were much less frazzled) I noticed a little teeeeeeny white speck on his front bottom gum. I asked Jenn to take a look and feel it, and she agreed, a little razor sharp tooth has emerged.

It's still too small to take a pic (and Logan was way too exhausted tonight to even let me try anyway) but I'll try later this weekend to post up for all (the grandparents) to see. :)

It's exciting that we've hit another milestone -- yet also really sad for me. Logan's toothless-all-gums-grin is so incredibly happy and infectious. Not to say his smile with teeth won't be -- because we all know he will inherit my smile and not his Dad's -- but, I know that now all of his teeth are going to start pushing through at an alarming rate and he'll no longer have that cute-baby-awwwwww look that we've come to adore....

and instead start looking more like a toddler.

oh no.


Kim said...

Very cool!

When the kisses turn into bites? Not so cool.

Luke Shipman said...

Luke's head measures 17" - I think that might be big...
My condolences are with you while you go through the teething process. Luke's teething has taken a little break right now thank goodness poor little guy was in so much pain.