Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Deep Sleep

As I mentioned last night, Logan was pretty tired after swim class and fell asleep soon after we got home. He was a little cranky but really didn't have too much trouble going down. But better than that, he actually slept THROUGH the night, an entire 11 hours of sleep! (which for us is really unusual) How awesome is that?!?!

I've heard that Michael Phelps' mom decided to start him on swimming at a really early age, in part because she couldn't CONTAIN the crazy hyper kid and thought that swimming would help him release a lot of his extra pent up energy.... I like the way she thinks.

It's pretty obvious little Logan is going to be just as hyperactive. So, if last night's deep sleep was any indication of post-swim-class-nights to come, I'm all for it. Can I sign him up for every single class from now until he's oh....

18?? ;-)

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